mayor shimon lankri

mayor shimon lankri (Enlarge)

Dear Residents,

During the past few years the city of Akko has undergone significant changes in all aspects of life: community services, living standards, higher education, environmental development, work and business opportunities. Modern neighborhoods have been built, the road system has been expanded and improved, important public facilities and institutions have been established.

Among the successful projects completed recently are the new city conservatorium, the regional tennis center and the beautiful seaside promenade. Other important projects, such as a professional football stadium with European standards and an extreme sport park are currently under construction.

Along with the physical development, there is intensive activity aiming to attract new industrial and touristic entrepreneurs. Such investments will contribute substantially to the city’s progress and prosperity and attract a stronger population.

Education in Akko is given high priority. Akko is known for maintaining high standards in its educational system and we keep developing and improving it both on the physical and pedagogical levels. Educational institutions have been refurbished and upgraded to modern standards. Increased resources are invested in improving matriculation achievements, and these are already starting to bear fruit. Special attention is also given to informal education by building new youth and community centers around town.

The municipality has also improved resident services by implementing a reorganizational program. A call- center (106) operates round the clock to provide quick and quality solutions.

The updated internet site of the city is another convenient and user friendly way to access direct services, including detailed information about municipality units, their responsibilities and current activities.

I invite you to visit the site.

Yours faithfuly,

Shimon Lankry, Mayor of Akko
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