The benefits of Akko

akko port (Enlarge)
  • The city is full of attractions and numerous historical sites, which place it in the center of Israel’s tourism map and attract over one million tourists yearly. 
  • Akko, the city of Mediterranean culture, was chosen in 2001 by the UNESCO as a city who savers its cultural legacy worldwide.
  •  Akko spread out on 14 thousand Dunums.
  •  Its population of 55 thousand residents reflect a special combination of different religions and community’s which live together in perfect harmony. 
  •  Akko is currently in a growing status, investing many resources in education, culture and spare time, and can now offer a young and luxuries living environment.
  • The city currently has many social clubs such as pre army programs, the urban kibbutz, and many more running thru out the city.
  • The residence of the city enjoy a 9% discount in their income taxes.

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