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    Dear Residents,

    During the past few years the city of Akko has undergone significant changes in all aspects of life: community services, living standards, higher education, environmental development, work and business opportunities. Modern neighborhoods have been built, the road system has been expanded and improved, important public facilities and institutions have been established.

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    The extreme park in Akko, biggest in its size in Israel, include various climbing walls, bungee jumping, sip lines and many epic and breath taking activities. The park is suitable for professionals as well as families and kids.
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    The city is full of attractions and numerous historical sites, which place it in the center of Israel’s tourism map and attract over one million tourists yearly. Akko, the city of Mediterranean culture, was chosen in 2001 by the UNESCO as a city who savers its cultural legacy worldwide. Akko spread out on 14 thousand Dunums. Its population of 55 thousand residents reflect a special combination of different religions and community’s which live together in perfect harmony. Akko is currently in a growing status, investing many resources in education, culture and spare time, and can now offer a young and luxuries living environment The city currently has many social clubs such as pre army programs, the urban kibbutz, and many more running thru out the city.Read more
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