Akko, once the capital of the Crusader kingdom, is today an international tourist city, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Conservation Site. Akko is the second most popular tourist city in Israel, after Jerusalem. The city offers its guests a colorful market with authentic smells of coffee and falafel, restaurants serving elaborate cuisine - an ancient tradition of a port city, museums, beautiful beaches and water sport facilities, a picturesque fishing port, a Marina and festivals that have become the cultural treasures of the whole country.

    The main tourist sites include buildings and ruins from the Hellenistic, Ottoman and Crusader periods, among them: Mosque Al-Jazzar, the Order of St. John, the subterranean Crusader city and enchanted garden, the Khan al Omdan, Hamam Al Basha (Turkish bath-house), the Hospitaller fortress, the Templars Tunnel and others. There are unique museums such as the Underground Prisoners Museum, the Okashi Museum and the “Treasures in the walls” Museum - a center for Ethnography and Folklore of Akko and the Galilee. The city itself is a living museum offering special walks: a walk along the ancient stone walls surrounding the city, an outstanding remnant of its powerful military past; a walk following Napoleon's route; the Crusader track, as well as the Ottoman, Jewish or Bahai tracks. Even a peaceful wandering around the city’s narrow streets and alleys is a great delight in itself.


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