Akko’s educational system is one of the best in Israel, with more than 10,000 pupils studying in 72 kindergartens (state, religious, Arab, independent, and special education), 14 elementary schools (state, religious, Torah, and Arab), and seven high schools. The city has schools for the arts, sciences, communications, entrepreneurship, and technology, as well as two enrichment centers for toddlers. The education system provides solutions for pupils with special needs through unique programs.


Education for the gifted – The Western Galilee College – Education in Akko also meets the needs of outstanding students through unique joint programs, including the School for Outstanding Students at the Western Galilee College (6,000 students currently study at the campus), support for outstanding students in high school and accompaniment during IDF service, and the “Future Blossoms” program in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the IDF.

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