Conservatory Center

Akko - a musical City
The beautiful and modern Municipal Conservatory serves over 700 Arab and Jewish students every year who study and play music under its roof.
The students take part in international concerts and competitions around the world and represent successfully their city and the State of Israel.
The Conservatory opened for the first time an academic preparatory for music studies in cooperation with the prestigious "Academy of Music” in Jerusalem and supported by the municipality of Akko and David Friedman Scholarship Fund. The successful graduates will be able to continue their academic studies at the Academy in Jerusalem.

Concert Series: Saturday tunes
A new and charming concert series held once a month on Saturday nights at the Conservatory Hall.

Tel: 04-9910522 04-9956152
Fax: 04-9816515
Address: Strauss 1 (palm area 15), Akko

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