The Jewish track

Guided Tour: The Jewish track
We will visit the Old City and meet with Jewish figures that passed by, lived in and left a mark on the city throughout its history.

During the track we will:

·        Fight against Napoleon on the walls and hear about the miraculous rescue of Rabbi Nachman.

·        Hear about the unique topography of the land gate and the Hasmoneans.

·        Sail the sea with Maimonides, Ramban (Rabbi Moshe Ben Nachman) and other great men who came to Israel through Akko’s port and stayed there.

·        Take a rest in Khan El Omdan and hear about the bravery of Rabbi Haim Farchi against the cruel ruler Al Jazar.

·        Visit the ancient synagogue of Rabbi Moshe Haim Luzzatto (the Ramhal) and hear the story of its expropriation. Of course we will not miss a tour in the colorful market.

·        Tour the Museum of Underground Prisoners and learn about the fascinating history of the fortress. Experience the daily life of the prisoner in jail, watch an exciting film, hear about the brave escape from the prison, take part in a special memorial ceremony and discuss the assistance given to the prisoners by the Jews of Akko.

·        Visit the Tunisian synagogue "Or Torah": A spectacular three-story building, covered entirely with mosaic, depicting the story of the Jewish people throughout history.

Tours combine acting, poetry and food (by advanced order).

Tour Coordination: Western Galilee College,
Yair – 0547672678; Boaz - 052-6868924

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