Okashi Museum of Art
Under the crossed domes of an ancient Ottoman building, next to the Knights' Halls of Old Akko, hides a unique museum in honor of the local artist Avraham Okashi (1916-1980). The museum holds a permanent exhibit of the artist’s works as well as temporary exhibits of Israeli art. Okashi, born in Rishon Lezion to a Yemenite family, was one of the most original artists in Israeli art and a leading figure of “New Horizons”, an artistic group formed in Israel after the War of Independence. Okashi lived and worked in Akko. After his death his studio was turned into a museum in his name.

Opening hours:
Sunday - Thursday 9:30 -18:00
Friday 9:30 to 15:00.

Tel.: 04-9956710

“Treasures in the Walls” Museum
“Treasures in the Walls”, an ethnographic museum of Akko and the Galilee is located in the heart of the eastern wall of the Old City, in a historic building, once used by the Ottoman Guards. The museum has rare collections from the late 19th century to the early 20th century stored in beautiful domed halls which offer a magical journey to the Galilee of a century ago. The museum was opened to visitors in 2007 after long and extensive conservation work that turned the neglected ruin into magnificent show halls.

Opening hours:
Saturday to Thursday 9:30 - 17:00
Fridays and holiday evenings 9:30 – 15:00
2 Weizmann Street, Akko.
Tel: 04-9911004 Fax: 04-9917059

Museum of Underground Prisoners

The Underground Prisoners Museum is located inside the famous fortress of Akko, at the northern part of the Old City. The fortress was built during the Ottoman period on top of Crusader foundations and served as the regional ruler’s palace. During the British Mandate the fortress and castle were used as a central prison. The underground Jewish fighters of the Haganah, Irgun and Lehi were imprisoned there for their struggle for independence. The museum offers a unique experience as a place where actual historical events occurred. Visiting the prisoner cells gives a live experience of the prisoner’s life along with the sound and light show of the prison break story. There are also memorial rooms dedicated to the nine fallen in the prison break and the nine victims hanged in the prison.

Opening hours:
Sunday - Thursday 16:30 to 08:30,
Friday and holiday eves: 13:30 to 08:30.
Phone: 04-9911375 Fax: 04-9550327

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