Akko Theatre Centre

Akko Theater Center is an alternative theater founded by David Maayan and a group of actors on 1985. The Center’s vision was to answer the need for absolute autonomy and artistic freedom in all aspects of creation including the choice of material, the working process, the artistic product and its presentation.
The ATC members set up two goals in their work: one is artistic aiming to create a unique theatrical language. The second is social and involves community activity.

Over the years the ATC has gained worldwide recognition and is considered a unique and important phenomenon in the Israeli cultural field. It has influenced individual artists and groups to create out of commitment to their working materials, with reference to the world they create in, from the outer circles of society and politics to the inner circles of personal stuff.


The Center serves as a home for theater and music groups who work under its roof. The center is supported by the Ministry of Education and by its own revenues.

ATC website: http://www.acco-tc.com

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